Revamping the UI & UX of a highly modular business system by CGI

Alexandru Chiuariu
On Mar 3, 2020 1:58:00 PM

Rondo is a system for automating and streamlining business processes and workflows. It is a highly modular system that offers document management, contract management, eProcurement as well as management of accounts receivable and payable.


Helping users become more efficient

The Rondo application has hundreds of thousands of users for whom the tool is a key enabler in getting their daily work done. The users' expectations of how tools in the B2B space should work have changed. The modern workforce expects great usability and design of the applications they use, not only in their private lives but also at work. With this in mind, CGI’s Rondo team planned a project where the application's usability and user interface would be improved to help their users become even more efficient in their work.

We succeeded in renewing the comprehensive UI and in making meaningful improvements to the UX in a challenging schedule. As a result, we received excellent feedback from the customer and from test users. This would not have been possible without good planning, task prioritization and outstanding dedication from the whole team.

- Jarmo Kemppainen, UX Designer, Vaadin


Improved usability and overhauled technological foundation

CGI chose Vaadin to support the usability and design improvements while also doing a migration from Vaadin 7 to Vaadin 8 to improve the technological foundation of the application. Vaadin’s UX Designer created mockups of the new user interface together with the Rondo team. The collaboration between the domain experts from CGI and the UX Designer from Vaadin was a key factor in making the design work efficient and successful. In parallel with the technology overhaul, the new look & feel of Rondo was implemented by the Vaadin team, and the end result was delivered to CGI.

Streamlined business process in a modern UI

The new, improved Rondo provides users with a modern and easy-to-use UI built on a solid technological foundation for years to come.

Alexandru Chiuariu
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