Limited time offer: buy Prime, get an expert for a day

Ville Ingman
On May 3, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Now is your chance! Get a Vaadin Expert for a whole day as a free bonus when you purchase a Prime subscription before the end of May. A full 8 hours of remote mentoring you can use however you wish. Use it for coaching, reviews, problem-solving, kickstarts, custom development - the possibilities are endless, and you make the call. Act now and give your team an adrenaline boost. 

We had a very successful period working with a Vaadin Expert. He was talented, motivated, and friendly with extensive knowledge of the framework. He also gave us much to think about on the ways we work with Vaadin, and we are still benefiting from his work and thoughts long after! Markus Vehmanen, Product Manager, CGI

What do you get from Vaadin Prime?

Vaadin Prime is the premium package, the best and most comprehensive support option you can get. It gives you access to all commercial software products and direct access to the Vaadin team itself. You will never get stuck with technical issues, and you’ll ensure staying within your budget and hitting all deadlines. Help is just one click away, without any delay. 

We have used Vaadin Support for difficult issues, of which we didn't have the experience yet, or we couldn't find answers to in a short time. Sometimes we only ask opinions on how to use or build components. Ari Koskenvaara, Project Manager, Festum

Vaadin Prime features

The Prime subscription is packed with valuable features and covers all the possible needs you might encounter along the way. 

  • Expert Chat: Get answers to anything Vaadin related instantly
  • Expert on demand: summon an expert when you need one and use any of our professional services, like the design kickstart or the migration assessment to mention a few. 
  • Warranty: if any of Vaadin’s products are broken, we’ll fix them
  • Incubator: cost-effective custom component development 
  • Access to training: 39 expert lead training modules available
  • Full-Stack App starter: a proven and tested full-stack application with best practices
  • Designer: the drag and drop visual UI builder
  • TestBench: regression testing automation for Vaadin
  • Charts: the best charting library for Vaadin projects
  • Board: the easiest way to implement responsive layouts
  • Spreadsheet: embed interactive Excel files in your web app

This offer is available until the end of May 2018. If you have any questions or want to discuss details, simply book a discovery call with us to learn all about Prime and we’ll talk more.

Ville Ingman
Ville Ingman is one of the old boys in the Vaadin team. A true Vaadiner for over 10 years already. Sharing thoughts and interesting phenomenons from the Vaadin ecosystem. Stay tuned.
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