Learn Java web app development: new tutorial series

Marcus Hellberg
Marcus Hellberg
On Jan 23, 2020 11:28:26 PM


Today, we launch a new in-depth tutorial series about building web apps with Spring Boot and Vaadin. The content was inspired by frequently-asked questions from our community, like: how do you connect a Vaadin app to a database, or how do you create reusable components?

The free tutorial series teaches you everything you need to be able to build your own full-stack web application.


State of the art Java frameworks and tools

The tutorial uses Spring Boot on the back end and Vaadin on the front end. Both frameworks are known to be developer friendly, yet production ready. The combination of these two frameworks is, in our opinion, one of the fastest ways to build robust and good-looking web applications.

Practical learning with step-by-step instructions

The tutorial covers every step of the development process, from setting up a productive development environment to deploying the app in production. 

Over the next few weeks, we will cover a long list of topics:

  • Development environment setup.
  • Running and debugging Java apps.
  • Vaadin basics: components and layouts.
  • Setting up a Spring Boot back end with Spring Data, JPA, and a database.
  • Using the Vaadin Grid.
  • Creating reusable components.
  • Data binding and forms.
  • Routing between views.
  • Securing the app with Spring Security.
  • Turning the app into an installable PWA.
  • Testing the app logic and UI.
  • Production builds and cloud deployment to AWS.

Video and text tutorials 

Each tutorial in the series is available both in both video and text format. When all chapters are published, you'll also be able to download the entire series as a PDF guidebook. You can sign up on the tutorial page to be notified when the PDF is available. 


Read the Java Web App tutorial

Marcus Hellberg
Marcus Hellberg
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