Java EE and Vaadin best practices now available as a ZIP

Fredrik Rönnlund
On Sep 26, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Just a few months ago we released an app starter for Vaadin and Spring, and we got huge loads of positive feedback! But there was one thing many of you requested; an app starter for Java EE.

And we listened.

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of Bakery App Starter for Vaadin Framework 8 and Java EE! Just like the Spring version, it is a fully functional and tested full stack application that includes the best practices our own Vaadin Experts are using every day in building the largest Vaadin applications in the world. It even has a built-in testing setup for integration and scalability tests.

When designing the Java EE version, we made sure it worked in the most common Java EE implementation environments from TomEE Plume to Liberty and Bluemix and to Wildfly.

Bakery App Starter, now available for both Spring and Java EE, works as your ideal starting point for your next project, but you can also use it to benchmark your app against best practices. And as a Vaadin Prime subscriber, don’t miss out on the expert chat to get help with any questions you might have.

For our Vaadin Core members; we haven’t forgotten about you either. You can use the trial version (and of course the code is there even after that) and as always, our experts are helping people as much as they can on the forums. Plus there is a best practices version in the works for non-Pro add-on users, as well.

Please go on and give it a spin. Try it, use it and don’t forget to give us feedback in Github or in the comments below. It looks modern and fresh, it simplifies your development and it makes your end users fall in love with your app! It’s kinda a no-brainer to start using it.

Fredrik Rönnlund
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