Vaadin best practices are now available in a Zip-file

Ville Ingman
On Jun 29, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Vaadin best practices are now available for any business grade full stack application, in plain source code! We are happy to announce that we have just released a brand new product for anyone to get started with Vaadin the right way: Bakery App Starter for Vaadin Framework 8 and Spring. You can think of it as an app starter, a kickstarter project, or a project template, but we simply called it a Starter. It is a fully functional and tested full stack application that includes the best practices our experts are using every day. It even has a built-in testing setup for integration and scalability tests. The starter is called Bakery as the application itself is a controlling system for an imaginary bakery coffee shop.

This starter is a great asset for any commercial project built with Vaadin. You can use it as a starting point, a reference point or a benchmark for your existing project. Our main goal with releasing this starter was to help professional Vaadin developers to find field-tested Vaadin-manners and concepts that will work throughout the whole lifecycle of a project. With the help of this starter you can easily avoid all the common pitfalls of business grade Vaadin development.

The starter is included in our commercial portfolio and requires an active Pro or Prime subscription, but of course you are free to study and evaluate it before buying anything. To get it, you just have to go to the online product page and use the configurator. Fill in your project metadata and download the Zip-file. Easy.

Please go on and give it a spin. Try it, use it and don’t forget to give us feedback. It has a nice look to it, it has a nice dashboard, it supports different screen sizes and it even has a scalability testing report available!

Get introduced and get started

Ville Ingman
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