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Lilli Salo
Lilli Salo
On Jun 29, 2021 4:47:10 PM

Vaadin has been enabling Java development teams to build enterprise-grade web apps in Java for over twenty years. The Vaadin framework is unique, as it is the only one that allows developers to build modern web apps completely in Java, without any browser plugins. 

For well over two decades, Java has ruled the programming stage as one of the go-to languages for developing robust, scalable enterprise applications. Unlike other programming languages whose presence and usability have come and gone, Java has become stronger with each update and release.

Read on for a brief overview of Java, what makes it a popular choice amongst enterprise app developers and how the Vaadin platform enables developers to build entire web apps in Java. 

What is Java?

At its simplest, Java is a robust, object-oriented programming language and computing platform, first released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. A multitude of applications and websites rely on Java in order to function.

Java is used for everything from desktop and mobile computing, games and modern PWAs to self-driving cars. Throughout the years, Java has consistently evolved and undergone exhaustive testing and updating.

It has gathered a dedicated community of developers, architects and enthusiasts, thus creating a stronghold within the realm of business web app development. 

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Timeline of Java's evolution

Java for enterprise web apps

The Java programming language is popular not only for developing small apps, but also for large, end-to-end enterprise software. Companies build large-scale enterprise software in Java in order to improve the operation of their businesses and gain a competitive edge. 

A few of the capabilities making the language an appropriate choice for business web app developers include the following:

  • Stability - Java has ruled the industry since the 90s, when it became the default language for most enterprises, due to its flexible integration and independent code. 
  • Supports a variety of libraries - Libraries are collections of prewritten code made available for developers. They are the building blocks for enterprise apps, and Java supports millions of libraries and codes, making for a smoother development process.
  • Scalability and compatibility -  Java is highly scalable, making it suitable for providing and managing enterprise-scale development and workloads. In addition, thanks to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), applications written in Java are highly compatible with existing platforms, such as macOS, Unix, and Windows. 

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Build web apps in Java with Vaadin

More than 40% of Fortune 100 companies have chosen Vaadin as their solution for building enterprise-grade web applications over the course of 20 years. Vaadin helps 150k developers worldwide build beautiful, rich and modern web experiences quickly and efficiently with Java.

The Vaadin platform is unique in that you can build scalable UIs completely in either Java with Vaadin Flow, or you can choose to use TypeScript in Vaadin Fusion. Both frameworks are interoperable and can be used either together or independently.

With Vaadin Flow, you can build enterprise-grade web apps 100% in Java without having to touch HTML or JavaScript. Your UI code lives in the JVM and you have access to our extensive set of beautiful, ready-made UI components, and all of your favorite tools and libraries.

On the other hand, Vaadin Fusion is a full-stack framework enabling developers to build reactive client-side web apps with a Java backend and views, using web components built with LitElement and TypeScript.

Learn more about using Java with the Vaadin framework for front-end development, here.

Get started with Java and Vaadin

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, we’ve got great resources to support you on your Java and Vaadin journey. For example, our community have shared their valuable tips on how to learn Java and we even consulted Java experts for their insider knowledge.

Be sure to also check out our learning center for great FREE material on discovering and mastering Vaadin and Java.

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