Introducing Quarkus support for Vaadin Flow

Mikael Sukoinen
Mikael Sukoinen
On Dec 21, 2021 12:00:00 AM
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Quarkus is an increasingly popular Kubernetes-native Java framework. Vaadin Flow users previously had to rely on community add-ons for Quarkus support, but now, with the release of Vaadin 22, the support is official. 

vaadin-quarkus-supportThis change means you can rely on continuous support when building Quarkus apps with a Vaadin Flow UI. Our documentation includes examples for Quarkus integration, and we test and maintain the compatibility with every release. Quarkus support is currently available for Vaadin 22, and it will be a part of the upcoming LTS release, Vaadin 23, next year.

Quarkus support is available for all Vaadin users and was developed with direct feedback from the community. Please give it a try and report any issues you may encounter, so we can keep developing it further.

Previous community-driven efforts include: The Vaadin Quarkus extension, Vaadin-Jandex and the Quarkus Vaadin Lab.

What else is new for Vaadin 22…? Read about the new features in the announcement post!

What is Quarkus?

Quarkus is an open source, Kubernetes-native Java framework made for JVMs and native compilation. You can read more about the framework and its optimization for containers at

How to get started with Vaadin + Quarkus

Our Flow Quarkus starter project is the fastest way to get started. The project is also configured for Gradle. 

You can read more about the Quarkus integration and all the supported features in the Vaadin 22 technical documentation.

What is next?

We’re continuing our development and are looking for input from our users. You can discuss the features on our Discord, submit issues on GitHub, or contact any of our developer advocates on Twitter with your suggestions:





Mikael Sukoinen
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