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Julia Toivonen
Julia Toivonen
On Feb 27, 2018 3:50:00 PM

Vaadin is used by over 40% of Fortune 100 companies and over 150 000 developers, but what do those users really value in Vaadin? I went through all the success stories to dissect the commonalities and to have a look backwards at what has made Vaadin what it is today. Consider this a nostalgia trip down memory lane, and enjoy the ride.

Here are some of the Vaadin benefits noted by our customers:

Simplified Developer Experience

Vaadin is appreciated among developers mainly because of the superior developer experience it provides. At the top of the list were criteria such as:

  • Brings simplicity to developing applications with complex requirements.
  • Offers extensive browser compatibility.
  • Vaadin Framework allows to develop software for nearly every device.
  • Enables focusing on core business while tailoring vastly device compatible applications for customers.
  • Eliminates common problems in browser compatibilities and client server communication.
  • Allows building web applications like desktop applications, hiding the complexity of the web. Unlike other web frameworks like JSF.

Vaadin allows us to create rich web applications using a server-side event-based model. It makes developing web-apps simple and enjoyable. No hassles with HTML, XML, Javascript or CSS. Although these technologies are very well supported, Vaadin is all about creating cool AJAX applications using server-side Java. This allows us to take full advantage of our Java IDE to write, debug and refactor code. Excellent support for portlet development (specifically Liferay) is also an important reason we chose Vaadin.

Gordon Augat, Chief Architect, company: Utah Department of Workforce Services

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End-user experience

Vaadin’s core value of building beautiful and usable end-user experiences was also appreciated by most development teams, mentioning things such as:

  • Provides great end-user experience by simplifying UI look and feel.
  • Easy to use by any non-technical users.

Vaadin enabled us to easily develop a web user interface for USP SES offering unparalleled user experience.

Andreas Münger, CTO, company: United Security Providers


Unlike many other open source tools, Vaadin’s commercial support and consulting services are something most companies rely on and appreciate. Things mentioned, among others, were:

  • Offers developer support, expert on demand, expert chat and UX consulting.
  • The best Vaadin developers in the world giving assistance.
  • An active Vaadin Community Forum.
  • Well-documented open-source technology.

The cooperation with Vaadin has run smoothly. The team consists of enthusiastic and innovative people, who have a true passion for finding the right solutions. We managed to unite both our and Vaadin's team in carrying out the process to achieve a common goal.

Minna Lehtonen, Head of Strategy Unit P&T Private, company: If Insurance

Fast and easy to build

The ready-made components and integration with your existing technology stack was something Vaadin was especially mentioned for:

  • Vaadin comes with a comprehensive set of components and add-ons.
  • Possibility to add new features and refactor quickly.
  • The ability to keep Java code plain and simple.

Lower costs

And from a monetary point of view, the fact that Vaadin is open source and has an abstraction level between the web and Java, the cost savings were mentioned in several cases:

  • Lowers maintenance costs because of it being open source.
  • Reduces manual work required to manage frontend and backend communication.
  • Faster to build and therefore you can focus on system functionality instead of technical problems.

There are almost as many reasons as there are stories. Have you checked out the success stories already?

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Julia Toivonen
Julia Toivonen
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