The business case for adopting a design system

What business problems do design systems solve and how do they bring business value?

Design systems have exploded in the business software community in recent years. Back in 2018 the Enterprise UX Industry Report 2017/ 2018 indicated that 69% of enterprise user experience (UX) teams had adopted one. 

Today, this camp includes many household (and boardroom) names, including Shopify, Google, Uber, IBM, Adobe and Atlassian.

A key factor driving the popularity of design systems (and the increased overall investment in UX) is pressure from industry upstarts (Uber, Shopify, AirBnb) that have forced incumbents to adapt to a new breed of consumer: digital natives, who are flooded with choices, accustomed to self-onboarding on intuitively designed apps, and take excellent UX as a given.

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