Turo Italia enabled real-time collaboration for their CRM

Mikael Sukoinen
Mikael Sukoinen
On Apr 23, 2022 12:39:48 PM
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A new version of Turo Italia’s Customer Resource Management (or CRM) system was released at the end of 2021. Built with Vaadin 14, it enables real-time collaboration between users thanks to the Vaadin Collaboration Kit. Turo Italia is now looking at Vaadin 23 for new data-provider functionality and more collaborative features.

The company: A pioneer in the pump manufacturing industry

Turo Italia manufactures industrial pumps and valves for different processing industries. The company is part of the larger Egger group with a global sales network and is quickly growing into a larger market. Their pumps conform to the demanding quality standards and operating requirements for the industrial use of gasses, powders, and liquids. 

With over 50 years of successful products and satisfied customers, they need a resource system to match.



The project: Managing every step of a complex journey

The production of new pumps contains many steps from start to finish, from processing orders to managing inventory before testing the final product for non-conformities and passing strict quality control.

The process is long-lasting and complex, with an archive of historical data that has to be accounted for. Every order is customized for the specifications and desires of individual customers.

To maintain the flow of new orders, their CRM system has to cover every step of the process while integrating with their Enterprise Resource Planning (or ERP) software.

Turo Italia and Vaadin

The original iteration of the CRM ran on Microsoft Access until 2017. Turo discovered Vaadin in 2014 and undertook a hefty migration to Vaadin 7 over the course of 3 years. In 2020, they modernized the software for Vaadin 14 to implement real-time collaboration between users with Collaboration Kit. Real-time collaboration, no matter where the users were located, became even more important during remote work forced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Collaborative features, such as CollaborationAvatarGroup, Binder, and MessageList, were key to maintaining data integrity and avoiding conflicts when roughly 40 users use the app every day. With Turo Italia expanding into the Egger group and extending its market reach, the new CRM software will see a rapid influx in the number of daily users in the near future.

Turo Italia was already familiar with Vaadin 14 from their 2020 QURIOSITY software for non-conformity management. Read the previous Turo Italia post for the full story!

The result: Another successful project

Turo launched the new CRM at the end of 2021. They used the Vaadin Flow framework with Collaboration Kit to modernize the previous Vaadin 7 iteration of the application. They used Charts, Grid and data providers extensively to craft all the views required for the complex job management.

In addition to real-time collaboration, the new application integrates seamlessly with their ERP software and hosts all data in one database. They also implemented special integrations for printing the plates on finished products with automated laser tagging.

The reached result was so appreciated by the management of the Group that they asked Turo to extend the CRM, not only to the sales department of the parent company, but to all the subsidiaries in the Egger Group.

This imposes a new challenge for the development team because they must temporarily integrate the application with other ERPs, while waiting – one day – for final integration with a unique, common, ERP for the whole Group.

They trained their development team in-house utilizing the Vaadin technical documentation and following our live webinars and blog posts. Vaadin helped their team to deliver the project through consulting and the “Expert Chat” hotline.

Turo Italia plans to upgrade from Vaadin 14 to Vaadin 23 to leverage additional collaborative features, including the new Form Manager and List Operation APIs. They may also explore experimental clustering support when necessary, and introduce new data-provider functionality.

Figure 1: Dashboard.
Figure 2: Order example.

Figure 3: The app in action.

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