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Sami Kaksonen
On Aug 20, 2014 10:00:00 AM

If you ever have worked on a project with a deadline, you know how it can be. “I’ll add data scaling to this small chart, so that users can choose cash flow or other datasets from a dropdown. No problem. But the issue with drag and drop and iPad scaling - I have no idea how Vaadin Framework supports these. Can someone else help me to check these before Friday?“ 

Fear not. Now there is one more tool in your arsenal to keep your commitments: Vaadin Express Support is here. For a fixed price of $1150 (or 850€) you get instant support from the team that has built and maintains the framework.

How does it work?

You have a Vaadin related problem that you need to quickly get some kind of resolution to. It might be a UI pattern, or a misbehaving feature in your old Vaadin version that you need, or some external library that you need to integrate to your application. What you need is an answer if your approach is feasible and maybe a small prototype or some example code.  And you need it now. 

Head to and get yourself a Vaadin Express Support package. It is not a subscription, but a single case support package including up to 4 hours of support work, Q&A time, development time or whatever you need.  You get an answer from the Vaadin team by the next business day, while you can go on with your development. 

Easy and productive. No need to answer “I don’t know exactly how to do this with Vaadin” in the next sprint meeting.

Simple is beautiful and that is why we answered your call – get support without a subscription.

Get Vaadin Express Support now

Sami Kaksonen
Sami Kaksonen joined Vaadin in 2011 but is a seasoned software industry professional. As a proof that he’s been around for a while, he has over 15 years of work history and his hair is becoming greyer day by day. Sami is currently working as VP of Sales and leading Vaadin’s global sales team from Turku, Finland. In case you need help with Vaadin development he is the man to contact .
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