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Vaadin 6 Server-Driven RIA Framework Announced - the Next Generation of IT Mill Toolkit

Sami Ekblad
Sami Ekblad
On May 20, 2009 12:40:00 AM

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We are pleased to announce the first pre-release of the upcoming Vaadin 6.0 is available. Upcoming Vaadin 6 will include two entirely new tools: an Eclipse plugin and a preview version of a WYSIWYG user interface editor.

Take a look at the demos to to see what kind of web applications you can create with Vaadin. What makes this even more great is that you don't have to use anything but pure Java. No XML configuration, HTML templates or JavaScript!

To get a quick overview of Vaadin, read the 30 second intro.  After that you can dig a little bit deeper by reading the online Book of Vaadin (We'll make a printed version available for order later).

Those already familiar with the predecessor of Vaadin - IT Mill Toolkit - will find themselves at home. We have not changed the component APIs very much and the upgrade should be pretty straight-forward. For others: it is easy to learn! 

You know Java, You know Vaadin. You do web apps.

Sami Ekblad
Sami Ekblad
Sami Ekblad is one of the original members of the Vaadin team. As a DX lead he is now working as a developer advocate, to help people the most out of Vaadin tools. You can find many add-ons and code samples to help you get started with Vaadin. Follow at – @samiekblad
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