Getting to know Vaadin

What is Vaadin Framework?

Vaadin is a web application framework for Java. In contrast to Javascript libraries and browser-plugin based solutions, Vaadin features a complete stack that includes a robust server-side programming model as well as client-side development tools based on GWT and HTML5.

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Benefits of Vaadin

Depending on your need there are different silver bullets for your project. Below we've gathered some of the most appreciated benefits of using Vaadin in your project. For a list of features see vaadin.com/features

  • Good looking apps

    Look and feel make a difference. Vaadin comes packed with components for every use-case. They look good out of the box but are always customizable by you.
  • Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

    Vaadin applications work on all browsers out of the box. Create wow for your end users by giving them a first class user experience regardless of device, OS or browser. No plugins or addons needed.
  • 2X Productivity

    With Vaadin you can stick to Java and hook up your backend to your frontend on the server-side. Refactoring? No problem! Just use your favorite IDE and get it done, deployed and tested in minutes.
  • Security First

    The proven server-side architecture ensures that by using Vaadin components your application code is not sent to the browser. Read more: vaadin.com/security
  • Maintainable Applications

    Pure Java gives you the power to build applications that can be easily extended and maintained for years to come.
  • Open Source Forever

    Vaadin is licensed under the liberal Apache 2.0 open source license, meaning you can use it for any commercial or non-commercial use free of charge and without any hooks. Read more at vaadin.com/license


Upcoming trainings

The official Vaadin trainings are the best way to learn the framework and tools. We offer the following courses.

  • Vaadin Fundamentals Learn the fundamentals of Vaadin application development to start building new applications. Sign up ›

  • Vaadin Advanced Vaadin architecture best practices, optimization and the creation of custom components. Sign up ›

  • Extending VaadinTeaches you how to extend Vaadin's functionality with custom client-side components using GWT. Sign up ›

  • Vaadin Framework & Java EE Learn how to make use of Java EE in your Vaadin web applications. Sign up ›

Book of Vaadin

The Book of Vaadin is the full reference for Vaadin. It shows you how to get started and gives a good overview of the framework's features.

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Pro Tools

Want to write mobile and tablet applications, automate testing or create beautiful charts. Vaadin Pro Tools got you covered. Read more »