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Mikael Sukoinen
Mikael Sukoinen
On Feb 22, 2022 10:21:49 AM
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With Vaadin 8 at end of life, we’re making it easier for V7 and V8 customers to upgrade into the Vaadin Flow with a set of web components that are similar to their previous iterations in terms of implementation.

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The Classic Components are available for Prime and Enterprise customers in Vaadin 23 at the beginning of March 2022. Some of the components are already available for Vaadin 22 and earlier versions under the name “Legacy Component pack”. You may try them already in the Vaadin 23 pre-release if you’re eager to get started!

What are the Classic Components?

While most components in recent Vaadin versions have the same names as their equivalents in V7 and V8 components, they are completely new implementations that differ significantly in terms of API features and structure. This complicates upgrades into V14+, as developers need to take these differences into account.

The Classic Components pack solves the issue by providing modern counterparts to components like VerticalLayout and HorizontalLayout that closely mimic the behavior of their V7 and V8 counterparts. The components help the modernization effort into Vaadin Flow by requiring less re-learning and providing a more seamless transition.

You can read the technical documentation for more details.


Which components are included?

The first version of the Classic Components includes three components with three more coming in the official launch next month:

  1. VerticalLayout and HorizontalLayout
  2. Panel
  3. Label
  4. GridLayout (upcoming)
  5. FormLayout (upcoming)
  6. ComboBox (upcoming)

How do I access them?

The Classic Components are licensed under Commercial Vaadin Developer License 4.0 (CVDLv4) and part of the Prime and Enterprise subscriptions. You will be asked to validate your license or start a trial period when you start using it.

Which Vaadin version supports the Classic Components?

The final release is for Vaadin 23, but you can try them in the pre-release already with Vaadin 23 beta.

How do I try the Classic Components in V23 pre-release?

  1. Get a V23 starter from
  2. Ensure the Vaadin prereleases repository is declared in pom.xml:






into <repositories>

  1. Add the classic components dependency to pom.xml:






into <dependencies>

  1. Start using them!

I’m already on Vaadin 22. Should I use the Classic Components in Vaadin 23?

The Components are specifically meant for developers who are modernizing their V8 application(s). If you are already a V22 user with no V8 applications then you would probably not use the Classic Components unless you were looking for a specific feature like GridLayout.

Do I need to stop using the Classic Components eventually…?

No, you can use the Classic Components as long as you remain a Prime or Enterprise subscriber.

Are the Components available for Hilla?

No, the components are for Vaadin Flow and they have only Java APIs.

Is the styling the same as for the original V8 components?

No, their styling is based on the Lumo theme to fit in with the standard Flow components. To ease backwards compatibility, a limited number of Valo constants have also been added.

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