Speed up your development with the Vaadin Acceleration Kits

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Mikael Sukoinen
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Login screen on a mobile with the text "Speed up your development with the Vaadin Acceleration Kits" displayed on a dark background.Our definition of modern business web applications includes security, reliability, and real-time collaboration, while also providing a good experience for both the user and developer. Today, we’re proud to launch our new Acceleration Kits that make Vaadin an even better fit for the modern enterprise.

The Acceleration Kits make it fast and easy to build key features and integrations into your business applications; the SSO Kit provides pre-made integrations with authentication providers while the Observability Kit enables you to observe your full-stack application in production.

We’re also launching Swing Kit for building hybrid applications that combine Swing and Vaadin, Kubernetes Kit for managing rolling updates to applications deployed on a Kubernetes cluster, and Collaboration Kit for real-time collaboration between users. We’re also adding new Acceleration Kits to the roadmap based on input from our customers and community! 

The Kits contain pre-made integrations, APIs, technical documentation, components, and example projects for respective use cases. All the content in the Kits is covered by our expert support and services as well as our platform warranty.

Meet the Kits

1. SSO Kit

SSO Kit makes it easy to improve security by incorporating Single Sign-on into applications built with Vaadin. Developers don’t need to reinvent the wheel because SSO Kit integrates with leading authentication providers Okta, Azure Active Directory, and Keycloak. Users no longer have to remember application-specific credentials and businesses can trust that only authorized users have access to their vulnerable data.

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2. Observability Kit

Observability (or O11y) Kit enables developers to monitor the performance of the application in production. You can rest assured that your application is working as intended and trace errors to be fixed when they occur.

Observability Kit integrates with industry leading tools New Relic, Grafana, Datadog, Prometheus, and Jaeger through the OpenTelemetry standard.

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3. Swing Kit

Do you have a Java Swing desktop application in your portfolio? Swing Kit enables you to bring legacy desktop Swing applications step-by-step to the web by embedding modern Vaadin Flow views into your Swing application. Embedded views provide web functionality without a full cloud migration and with minimal disruption to the application's users. 

You can use the Swing Kit to rewrite your legacy Swing applications to Vaadin, one view at a time. Once you complete the process you will have a complete web-based application.

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4. Kubernetes Kit

Kubernetes Kit enables Vaadin Flow applications that run on a Kubernetes cluster to be updated without disrupting users. The Kit helps developers using blue/green deployments to gracefully notify users and allow them to switch to a new version once they’re ready. In addition to improved user experience, you no longer need to run application updates on weekends or nights to avoid disruptions for users.

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5. Collaboration Kit

Familiar to many, Collaboration Kit is the newly packaged version of our Collaboration Engine. It is a simple way to implement real-time collaboration, such as simultaneous editing or a chat without having to rely on 3rd party tools or libraries. Collaboration Kit now serves an unlimited number of applications users for the Prime tier and upwards while the user quota is limited to 50 for Core users and Pro subscribers.

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The Acceleration Kits are available from today, October 5, 2022, and they are compatible with Vaadin Flow 23.2+.

Collaboration Kit is available in all Vaadin subscription tiers. You may purchase the rest of the Acceleration Kits separately or upgrade to Vaadin’s new Ultimate subscription that includes all of the Acceleration Kits. View our pricing page for details!

Introducing: Vaadin Ultimate

Our new products warrant an ultimate subscription tier that includes all the Acceleration Kits: Vaadin Ultimate. This subscription tier is made for enterprises who wish to stay on the cutting edge of Vaadin with upcoming Acceleration Kits included in the subscription as they’re launched. We plan the roadmap together with our Ultimate customers, and it currently includes Acceleration Kits for Azure Cloud, AWS Cloud, multi-factor authentication, and more!

The Kits can be purchased separately on top of Prime and Enterprise subscriptions as well. We're providing a bundle discount through the end of the year if you are ready to upgrade to Ultimate.

Ready to take your development to the next level?

Whether you’re interested in upgrading to Vaadin Ultimate or evaluating a single Acceleration Kit, our sales team can provide you with a free trial or quote:

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And as always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!

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