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Migrating to a future proof technology

Frederik Raulf
On May 3, 2018 4:00:00 PM

There are many great apps out there. In order to keep your app up-to-date and to ensure that it performs well, updates and migrations are often necessary to unlock the true value of your app. What does this actually mean in practice? Our definition of migration projects is a project where an existing app is transformed into a web app with a Vaadin UI. Whether the old app is a desktop app, a legacy web app, or even an old and no longer supported Vaadin app, all projects are unique and the reasons to migrate vary greatly.

Migration processes, especially for bigger apps can be rather complex and difficult, if the developers are not too familiar with the new technology. But don’t worry, this is where we can help you to master the migration for you. Our migration consultants can migrate parts of the app or set up a technical foundation for you.

The revenue management tool for hotels IDeaS G3 RMS is one of the apps that has been migrated with the help of our consultants. The app is used by over 7000 clients of IDeaS, a global company in the hospitality industry. With the help of the app, hotels can project their demand, optimize fill rates, automatically adjust pricing, and much more.

IDeaS, previously using Flex, chose Vaadin because it simplified the development model and resulted in the best looking user interface. The large app that is maintained by their project team of 80+ developers consists of over 140 different modules. These have been migrated with the support of multiple Vaadin Experts in an agile development model with distributed teams in Turku, Finland; Minnesota, US; and Pune, India. Daily stand-ups were used to ensure flawless communication.

Are you planning a migration for your app, as well? Possibly to Vaadin 10? Then let’s talk: tell us more about the scope and the best course of action for your project. Understanding your project needs is essential to give you an estimation of the work we could do to support you. We can help you by either doing the full migration as a turnkey solution, or by working with your developers to speed up their development. Let's talk now!

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Frederik Raulf
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