How to Measure Migration Effort with Migration Assessment

Alexandru Chiuariu
On Jan 15, 2019 1:07:00 PM

Desktop or Web applications based on deprecated technologies tend to become more expensive to maintain, are no longer supported, or simply have a drop in performance that pushes users away. Most often, the solution is to migrate to a modern platform that can ensure that your business Web application stays relevant. Our Migration Assessment service is meant to provide accurate effort estimations for risk-free migrations to Vaadin 10+.

Reasons to Perform a Migration Assessment


If your company is considering a migration assessment, the migration itself is most likely in the books already. However, proceeding without doing an assessment can lead to higher migration costs. Running late or going over budget are the main reasons software projects, including migrations, fail. Fortunately, assessments can help prevent all that.   


As some technologies deprecate, migration becomes one of the best options to create a long-lasting Web application. Even more so, if the old technology doesn’t support features or style guides currently needed by the application’s audience. Moving from a desktop app to the Web can also increase reach, besides aligning the application with the modern guidelines.  


Another good reason to perform a migration is the end of support for the original Web technology. As announced in a previous blog post, Vaadin 7 will be end-of-life in February 2019, and migration to Vaadin 10+ is one of the recommended options. When considering a migration from Vaadin 7 to 10+, the assessment can determine the exact percentage of reusable code.   

Answers that the Migration Assessment Will Provide


Because app migration is an endeavor that can carry numerous risks, the role of the assessment is to minimize both the risks and the effort needed for the upgrade. Our team will determine as accurately as possible the effort of the migration. In addition, we can determine how to best align the migration process with your business goals.     

Who Handles the Migration Assessment?


Our experts have extensive experience in assessing and migrating both desktop and Web apps based on deprecated technologies to Vaadin. In doing so, they take into account the technical aspects of the existing code, the migration goals, and the migration process, both with and without the MPR (Multiplatform Runtime). This Vaadin Prime-exclusive feature enables you to run Vaadin 7/8 apps in Vaadin 10+.     

How Much Will the Migration Assessment Cost You?


The scope of the migration assessment impacts the cost of the service and will have a major influence on the duration. Often, the assessment takes up to two weeks. This is subject to change depending on the complexity of the original app.  


Want to learn more about this topic?


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