Multiplatform runtime

Multiplatform Runtime allows you to migrate your Vaadin 7 or Vaadin 8 application to the new Vaadin platform at your own pace, continuously delivering new features, and working in a single codebase.

MPR requires Extended Maintenance for Vaadin 7 or Vaadin 8. See pricing for more information.

Gradual migration and flexibility

Flexible migration in a single codebase

Instead of having a separate fork of your production application, you continue delivering updates to it while having a single codebase. All your Vaadin 7 or 8 components are running inside Vaadin 10 or later. You can gradually migrate your application without time-pressure or fear of application codebases diverging. Your code is always compiling.
Use the latest Vaadin features
All the new features of Vaadin platform are at your disposal in your existing application. Follow five straightforward steps to convert your Vaadin 7 or 8 application to run on the Vaadin platform.
Any custom add-ons and components
Multiplatform Runtime handles Vaadin 7 and Vaadin 8 add-ons and your own custom components.
No runtime performance penalty
After the initial load all the layouts, event handling, and server-side code continue performing as before.
Widely supported

Supported technologies

We have a wide browser and Java support. Please See full browser and Java support on GitHub.
Java 8+
CDI supported
Spring Spring Boot 2.0 and Spring 5
Vaadin versions
7.7.14 and later
8.6.0 and later
Vaadin 10 and later

Start using Multiplatform Runtime

Get started with Multiplatform Runtime by following our step-by-step guide.