Vaadin Charts, Call for Beta Testers

What is Vaadin Charts?

In a nutshell, Vaadin Charts is the de-facto charting component for Vaadin 7.

Charts sample Vaadin Charts is powered by the Highcharts JS library and it offers a Server-Side Vaadin API to utilize all the chart components that Highcharts provides.

Vaadin Charts is not just a Highcharts wrapper though. It also merges Vaadin Timeline, familiar to Vaadin 6 users, into the same product. (The implication of this is that Vaadin Timeline will not be released as a standalone add-on for Vaadin 7)

As a result of combining these components, we can now offer the most comprehensive data visualization add-on released to this date for Vaadin development.

Check out the product home page for more information.

Call for Vaadin Charts Beta testers

Vaadin Charts Beta is available from Vaadin Directory today! This milestone is also an open invitation for all Vaadin developers to participate in Beta-testing of Vaadin Charts. Give your feedback and influence the final product!

The Beta phase will last for a month and the final release is scheduled for 21st of February, 2013. For Beta testing you can use the 30-day trial period that is granted to all commercial Vaadin Add-ons.

In exchange for helping us out we will be giving away one year Pro Account subscriptions (value 1080 USD) to five developers. Pro Account includes also a free license for Vaadin Charts.

As soon as the Beta phase ends we will review the tickets that have been entered to the Vaadin Trac - Vaadin Charts Backlog. We will contact directly the five Beta testers whose contribution we value the most and reward them with a free Pro Account.

How to get started?

The best way to get started is to download Vaadin Charts Beta from Vaadin Directory.

You will find a README file inside the downloaded package that contains the instructions for installation. For Maven users there is a Vaadin Charts dependency snippet that you can add to your Vaadin 7 project.

Once you have your project configured, you want to check some examples, right? For this you should visit the Vaadin Charts demo that demonstrates all supported chart types. You can also find source code for each chart type displayed, ready to be cut&pasted into your own project.

Hopefully a visit to the demo site will feed your inspiration and you’ll be able to find the best chart to visualize data in your own application.

Once you get into the coding, there are other online resources that you might find helpful.

If you have any questions or ideas regarding Vaadin Charts, feel free to ping me about them.

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I started using the alpha last week and the beta in the last couple of days. It looks and works great so far! Congrats. This is a nice piece of work that fits in really nice with the Vaadin ecosystem.

Our needs are for dynamically configurable charts with dynamic periodic data. I have some recommendations for DataSeries to support managing the points a little better. Also, the relationships between Axis and a Series could be a little easier to specify. There are a couple of minor bugs that I have found.

We have a Pro account and we will submit detailed feedback. Hopefully within a week.
Posted on 1/17/13 10:46 PM.
Are there any plan to replace Vaadin Timeline with the HighStock library? It would improve the consistency of the whole package, both in look&feel and (probably) code-wise as well.
Posted on 1/18/13 10:41 AM.
Thanks Mark for your encouraging words. emoticon

..and I'm looking forward to read your feedback and see some tickets appearing in Vaadin Trac.
Posted on 1/18/13 11:45 AM in reply to Mark S Davidson.
Hmm, I thought I answered this five days ago, but seems that my comment was never published. Weird? ell, let's try again.

As you can imagine we considered that option for the very same reasons you mentioned. But after many internal discussions we decided to keep Vaadin Timeline alive for Vaadin 7.

At the time i'm writing this, we do not have plans to replace Timeline with Highstock, but of course we will pay attention to received customer feedback and amend our plans accordingly. If needed that is emoticon
Posted on 1/23/13 2:04 PM in reply to Kim Marivoet.
Why has java.util.Date (depreciated as of JDK version 1.1) been used for timeseries and are there plans to change this? Why not Calendar, GregorianCalendar or joda time?
Posted on 2/4/13 10:42 AM.
java.util.Date is a suitable, light weight container of a date value as all Calendar implementations can return a Date instance representing them and Joda Time objects can be converted into Dates.
Posted on 2/4/13 10:57 AM in reply to Alex Mair.
Hi Sami,
Where can I download all sources for Charts demo application? Thanks
Posted on 3/12/13 4:32 PM in reply to Sami Kaksonen.
Posted on 3/12/13 7:21 PM in reply to Fuad Efendi.
Hi Fuad,

Good, you already found it.

For other that might not be as good detectives as Fuad I could share the link to our svn that contains the demo sources and reference implementations for extending Vaadin Chart and embedding your Vaadin Chart views to your reports.
Posted on 3/12/13 7:49 PM in reply to Fuad Efendi.