Vaadin Charts, Call for Beta Testers

What is Vaadin Charts?

In a nutshell, Vaadin Charts is the de-facto charting component for Vaadin 7.

Pro Account 2.0 embraces Vaadin 7 and GWT

As you know Vaadin Pro Account is an extension to the free user account that gives you access to online developer support services and licenses for software tools and components for speeding up your Vaadin application development. Starting with Pro Account 2.0 we are offering full-blown ...

Pro Account - Pro Add-Ons future plans

I believe many of Pro Account subscribers are wondering what’s the plan to improve our current Pro Add-ons. This blog post shares our Pro Add-ons roadmap and provides some insight how we are planning to manage our Pro Add-ons in future. Current Pro Add-ons roadmap Below picture shows release plan ...