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Thousands of companies all over the world are creating compelling and user friendly web applications using Vaadin. From big enterprise systems to small hobby projects, we list some of those applications and projects here.

If you want to highlight your work here, just let us know.

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The Vaadin Dock magazine highlights also some of the showcases.
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Internet Software

SentiOne offers services for Social Media Monitoring and Analysis. It is a powerful tool to track, control and protect as well company brand image and in the ever-growing social media. The monitored statements originate from social media such as Facebook, Google+, and also microblogs such as Twitter, BLIP, in addition diverse internet forums, blogs, information services and product comparison tools. Currently SentiOne monitors over 5 500 000 sites.

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Showcase Spotlight

Vaadin and S Group


The desire to modernize the communication process between managers and the group's personnel drove S Group, a Finnish network of companies in the retail and service trades, to do business with Vaadin. Their newest project "Dooris" is a composite application focusing on the employees' information needs, gathering information from various systems and showing it in relevant chunks to the end user. Dooris has been a multi-supplier project where Vaadin was responsible for the user interface.

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PUMA Range Toolbox


PUMA Range Toolbox supports the review of the upcoming collection by allowing merchandisers to vote for products and leave feedback on individual design or the overall collection. The new web based planning application improves work efficiency and flexibility throughout the whole process from article selection to analysis of the selected article range.

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SentiOne Vaadin and S Group PUMA Range Toolbox

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What Vaadin users are saying

"The biggest plus of Vaadin is that it allows developer to write a simple, readable code without thinking about cross-browser compatibility."

- Tallink Silja, Estonia

"A particularly demanding requirement to integrate with legacy applications made the use of a server-side web development framework almost a necessity and thus Vaadin a logical choice."

- Space Application Services, Belgium

"We selected Vaadin since we had a small team and limited time - the possibility to do everything in Java was the trigger. The choice proved to be right! We delivered the solution much faster than expected."

- SwissNor, Switzerland

"I'd say go for Vaadin. It's Swing like development without the HTML, JavaScript, CSS and any other "helpful libraries". Even though this is a polyglot development time, pick simplicity and productivity over flexibility. You'll thank yourself in the long run."

- pfh, Stackoverflow

"Vaadin works perfectly delivering a massive boost in productivity by vastly speeding up our interface development and giving us a very flexible tool to integrate Javascript with the platform."

- Haulmont Technology, Russia

"From the application's architecture, development, and maintenance point of view Vaadin leverages our in-house Java expertise and allows us to take full advantage of the rich Java library APIs."




Vaadin is a solid web user interface technology that works for a wide variety of applications. It is used everywhere from maritime to space applications, from open-source projects to internal business applications, from single-day prototypes to extremely big projects that have taken several years build.

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