Join us on 24-25 Oct for the 2-day Vaadin Create conference.

24 October 2023, Frankfurt, Germany

Vaadin Create
Day 1

Join us for a day of keynotes to help developers, technology leaders, and domain experts create better business applications and get the most out of Vaadin solutions. These sessions will be on a single track.

Vaadin Create Conference

Conference Planner

Start Time
Day 1 Summit
Product Keynote: New Announcements & Product Roadmap
First Look: A Better Way to Create with Vaadin
Nail the Handoff: Best Practices for Design Systems
Lunch with your Herd
Guest speaker
Creating AI-powered Business Applications with Vaadin
Expert Tips on When and How to Modernize Your Business Application
Stories from the Vaadin Herd
Cocktail Reception

Product Keynote:

Application development is evolving at an unprecedented rate to help drive businesses forward. Vaadin continues to innovate to make it faster and easier for you to create the applications that your users need. Find out how Vaadin’s latest product announcements, recent enhancements, and upcoming plans can speed your application development.


Kim Weins
CMO & Head of Product, Vaadin
Leif Åstrand
VP of R&D, Vaadin

First Look: A Better Way to
Create with Vaadin

We’ll dive into our latest product announcement that will take your application prototyping and design process to the next level. Find out how developers, designers, and domain experts can collaborate to turn ideas into code and jumpstart UI modernization initiatives with AI-powered tools.


Tarek Oraby
Lead Product Manager
Marc Englund
Product Strategist

Nail the Handoff: Best Practices
for Design Systems

How you go about designing your user interface can have a major impact on the productivity of your developers and the speed of application development. Having a common design system that is shared by designers and developers will make for a smooth handoff and a better user experience. Learn the best practices for creating and using Design Systems that work for your business.


Juuso Kantonen
UX Team Lead, Vaadin
Rolf Smeds
Product Owner, Design System, Vaadin

Lunch with your Herd

Join a table for lunch and share best practices with others who have similar challenges or use cases.
Topics will be chosen based on a survey when you register for Vaadin Create.

Creating AI-powered Business Applications with Vaadin

ChatGPT and other large-language models can help you create business applications that make users more efficient. Get ideas for using AI to boost productivity in your business applications and find out how Vaadin makes it easy.


Marc Englund
Product Strategist

Expert Tips on When and How to Modernize your Business Application

Many critical Java business apps are still running on aging frameworks like Swing and JFX or need to be modernized to ensure they continue to meet your business requirements. This session will cover how to assess your applications for modernization and delve into choosing the best approaches to modernizing with Vaadin.


Ben Wilson
Product Manager, Modernization

Stories from the Vaadin Herd

Listen to a panel of Vaadin users share stories about their use cases for Vaadin and lessons learned from their projects. Gain insights into their challenges and tips on how you can build compelling business applications using Vaadin solutions.


Steven Grandchamp
CEO, Vaadin

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