Vaadin in education

Are you organizing a course or want to integrate Vaadin into your course work?

Why choose Vaadin for your course?

Learning Java can also include creating compelling UIs for web applications, purely in Java. This is what Vaadin is for. You can use Vaadin for any Java web application. We want to offer students and teachers a way to become a part of the professional Java community. 

Vaadin Pro is a set of tools and components for creating professional looking UIs for web applications. We offer a free Vaadin Pro subscription for teachers and universities to use in education. We have experience in teaching Vaadin, so don't hesitate to reach out and send your application, we can help.   

Here's what you get with Vaadin Pro 

Videos and exercises included 

In addition, Vaadin Pro includes training video tracks. After completion, students can become certified Vaadin developers, which can open new career possibilities. 

Are you a student? Want to use Vaadin Pro for your thesis?

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