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Paris, France (In French)

Nov 19 - Nov 20, 2014

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Course descriptions

Vaadin Fundamentals(2 days)

Learn the fundamentals of Vaadin application development to start building new applications.

Advanced Vaadin(2 days)

Introduction to Model-View-Presenter design pattern (MVP), application lifecycle, optimization and the creation of custom containers.

Extending Vaadin(1 day)

Teaches you how to extend Vaadin's functionality with custom client-side components using GWT.

Topics covered
  • Overview of the Vaadin framework
  • Vaadin architecure and Vaadin application architecture
  • Components and layouts for UI development
  • Vaadin data model and data binding
  • Using FieldGroup and validators effectively
  • Utilizing and providing files, images and other kinds of resources
  • Using built-in themes and creating your own custom themes
  • Vaadin Visual Designer
  • Extending Vaadin with add-ons
  • Basic Java skills are required.
  • Most of the topics contain hands-on exercises so it's essential for you to bring your own laptop.
What you get
  • Lectures and several hands-on exercises
  • Book of Vaadin
  • Lunch and refreshments (On-Site only)
Topics covered
  • Structuring your application into logical pieces using
    • Vaadin 7 Navigator
    • The Model-View-Presenter design pattern
  • Dependency injection in Vaadin applications
  • Optimizing tips and tricks
  • Application lifecycle and bootstrapping your Vaadin application
    • Modifications to bootstrapping
    • Application expiration
    • VaadinService
    • VaadinSession
    • Page
    • Porting legacy applications to Vaadin
      • Embedding
      • JavaScript communication
  • Implementing custom containers
    • Container interfaces
    • Lazy containers
    • Data caching
  • Vaadin Fundamentals course is required or previous hands-on Vaadin experience (minimum 2 months experience).
  • The program includes hands-on exercises so it's essential for you to bring your own laptop.
What you get
  • Lectures and several hands-on exercises
  • Good knowledge of structuring your application into testable and maintainable pieces
  • Book of Vaadin
  • Lunch and refreshments (On-Site only)

Please note that the course and all of its materials are in English. Welcome to the Advanced Vaadin Training!

Topics covered
  • Implementing custom client-side components
    • Vaadin client-side API
    • Vaadin client-server communication
      • shared state
      • RPC
      • connectors
    • Extending GWT widgets to create custom Vaadin components
    • Creating Vaadin extensions
    • Creating composition components
    • Debugging client-side code
    • Packaging widgets and compositions as add-ons
  • 2 months or more experience from using Vaadin or GWT is essential before attending this course
  • The program includes hands-on exercises so it's essential for you to bring your own laptop.
What you get
  • Lectures and several hands-on exercises
  • Good knowledge of writing your own Vaadin widgets and basic knowledge of GWT
  • Book of Vaadin
  • Lunch and refreshments (On-Site only)

On-Site Training

Attend an on-site training to get personal hands on help from our Vaadin Trainers. The classes consist of 5 to 15 other participants to ensure that you'll be able to get personal help and learn as much as possible. The trainings are excercise oriented, ensuring that you not only learn but get to practice what you have learned and get immediate feedback. All trainings are held centrally with good travel connections in the city.

Online Training

Attend an online training with a dedicated trainer without the need to travel. Attend the training from the comfort of your home or office with a dedicated trainer that helps you learn by going through all exercises with you personally. The trainings are held in small groups to ensure your maximum learning. You will need a microphone and speakers so you can communicate with the trainer. The training is bi-directional with emphasis on exercises and feedback.


"Taking this class, as well as the Fundamentals class, provided the jump-start that I needed to become productive using Vaadin. I will definitely recommend that more members of our team attend these classes."
- Advanced Vaadin, Palo Alto

"Trainer was able to explain each topic precisely, he was was very motivating and skillfull at the same time."
- Vaadin Fundamentals - Vienna

"Good training. There was lots of topics for two days. There was enough time to do the exercises and you had time to try out development with Vaadin."
- Vaadin Fundamentals, Helsinki

Diplomas and exams

After attending an official Vaadin training, you can get a training diploma and take the final exam.

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