Your Excel Files on the Web with Java

Jonatan Kronqvist
On Mar 24, 2015 8:00:00 AM

This is it, the Vaadin Spreadsheet 1.0 release is here! We are proud to announce our newest addition to our Vaadin Pro Tools collection. Check out the release video below and learn what it’s all about.

Most of the world’s business is still run using Excel files

When there isn’t a dedicated and tailored system for a business need, there are Excel spreadsheets. Everyone of us has used spreadsheets in our work. The only drawbacks are the need to have Excel itself installed on your machine and that you cannot easily collaborate on and share important templates and reports. Microsoft has great solutions for bringing all this to the web and so does Google Docs. However, not all of us can or want to use these, which is why we built the Vaadin Spreadsheet component. Now Java devs like you can easily embed spreadsheets in your Vaadin apps.

Why use Vaadin Spreadsheet?

If your needs match any of the points below, you should definitely give Vaadin Spreadsheet a try.

  • Let people view and edit spreadsheets with their web browser.
  • Preserve the Excel user experience in your cloud based system.
  • Enable non-Office users to view and edit Spreadsheets.
  • Get more user friendly solutions for your Apache POI projects.


Check out Vaadin Spreadsheet

Vaadin Spreadsheet is a part of the Pro Tools collection and is licensed under the CVAL 3.0 license. As a Pro Tools subscriber you already have a license to use it. Otherwise you can purchase a perpetual license from the Vaadin Directory, subscribe to Vaadin Pro Tools or use the trial license.

Jonatan Kronqvist
Jonatan Kronqvist has been at Vaadin since 2006, where he's worked on almost all aspects of the business. From coding to leadership. He is currently working as a Senior Product Manager for the Vaadin platform.
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