Welcome to the Free Vaadin 8 Certification Week!

Frederik Raulf
On Aug 22, 2017 8:00:00 AM

After the releases of Vaadin 8 and 8.1 we are happy to announce that our certifications have been updated as well. We’d like to celebrate this with you during our upcoming Free Vaadin 8 Certification Week. You’ll get the chance to join our more than 1000 Certified Vaadin developers all over the globe and prove your Vaadin skills with no cost at all. The Free Vaadin 8 Certification Week will take place from September 4th to September 10th 2017.

What better way is there to show your community, potential employers, and customers that you have the skills to be a true Vaadin Expert? Not only will you receive a badge that will be displayed in the Vaadin forums and on your Linkedin profile, but you will be rewarded with a free ticket to a 2017 Vaadin Dev Day of your choice.

Pass the exam and get a free 2017 Vaadin Dev Day ticket!

Our certification has been completely renewed and now focuses on Vaadin 8 Framework. There are 40 questions related to Vaadin Basics, Architecture, Server-side application basics, Components, Layout Components, Data model, Themes, Client-side development and Add-ons. The free documentation (docs, tutorials, videos) on our website offers you a broad overview of the topics discussed in the examination. For an even better and precise preparation for the examination, we would advise you to take a look at our training courses.

Frederik Raulf
Frederik is a member of Vaadin's Marketing Team, currently working as a Product Marketing Manager. After being in touch with Vaadin's community through his previous Sales position, he is now trying to help improving Vaadin's service offerings. Apart from the job he is passionate about exploring the Finnish nature with his dog, yoga and SUP boarding.
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