Live stream recording: Web components, design systems and accessibility

Rolf Smeds
Rolf Smeds
On Feb 8, 2022 1:49:39 PM

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Web Components are an excellent basis for building Design Systems, but providing good accessibility can seem like a daunting challenge.

In this live stream, we were joined by engineers and product owners from Adobe, IBM, SAP, Vaadin, and ING for a panel discussion on the challenges they've faced, the solutions they've found, and the ways in which they approach accessibility matters in general.

If you’re building your own web components and accessibility is important to you, make sure to watch the following recording of this live stream. Key topics that we discussed were:

  • Shadow DOM and slotted vs. non-slotted elements
  • Accessibility testing
  • Accessibility Object Model

Accessibility at Vaadin

We’re currently in the process of making accessibility improvements to the Vaadin Design system. Read all about our upcoming accessibility improvements for Vaadin 23.

Or, if you’re looking for practical tips on how to improve the accessibility of your app, check out our guide on the basic tips for improving accessibility.

Rolf Smeds
Rolf Smeds
Rolf is the Product Owner for Vaadin Design System
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