Vaadin TouchKit 2.0

Sami Kaksonen
On Oct 3, 2011 4:48:00 PM


Fantastic news for all who have been waiting for a new release of TouchKit Add-on, now it’s finally out of the closet.  Vaadin TouchKit is a collection of UI components and theme that will help you make native feeling applications for touch devices. 

Developers using TouchKit 1.0 will soon notice that this add-on release contains major improvements. TouchKit 2.0 introduces animated navigation, popup windows and more importantly now supports two mobile platforms; iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android. 

TouchKit 2.0 features are support for iPad, iPhones and Android devices, touch screen support, navigation manager, iOS theme and a collection of Mobile UI components; TouchKit Window, NavigationBar, Popover windows, etc.


Write mobile apps in minutes

To give “very efficient” some perspective you should watch the  Vaadin TouchKit 2.0 demo video we put together. It shows how easy it is to create native looking mobile UI. Imagine what you could do in a single sprint if you can achieve in 15 minutes what we did in video?  



See how to build an iPhone app with Vaadin TouchKit


You should also check out the cool looking navigation feel your applications gets when using TouchKit. See demo application using your mobile device:  Mobile Mail demo


Cross-Platform solutions

Vaadin developers have now tools  to produce great mobile user experience for tablets and smartphones, without installing any plugins to clients.

Vaadin TouchKit supports officially iOs and Android, or actually their browser implementations. TouchKit can work in other mobile platforms as well, since compatibility is more dependent on mobile OS browser implementation than mobile OS itself. For example, TouchKit applications are running smoothly in my Symbian (Anna) device too. 

Thanks to Vaadin server-centric model, integration to company backend services is very easy. So you can do all the coding you need in pure Java and deploying your mobile apps is deployed when you put it on a web server. This kind of approach makes TouchKit quite unique. 


Mobilizing enterprise applications

The amount of mobile workforce is growing day-by-day and enterprises are updating their mobility strategies at increasing speed. In fact, market survey (Data Mobile Development) by Evans Data shows that 74,9% of mobile developers are about to start projects mobilizing existing enterprise applications, within next 12 months. 

Can’t wait to hear that some of those will be delivered using Vaadin and TouchKit.  I hope you will be able to use it to impress your mangers or convince customers with results you get with it.

Learn more

In case you want to take a closer look on our latest achievement go to TouchKit web page. So please do try it out and tell us what you think.

Sami Kaksonen
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