Vaadin TouchKit

The easiest way of building a cross-platform mobile user interface for a Java application. Add support for smartphones and tablets in days instead of months, with the tools you are already using.


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Vaadin TouchKit Webinar   recorded on October 31, 2013

How did PUMA use Vaadin TouchKit? See the Vaadin TouchKit Webinar and find out.  Watch now »

Mail Demo

Native-like UI elements for iPhone and iPad.

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Parking Demo

Location, I18N, camera and offline data collection.

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Support mobile devices for your existing Vaadin applications with minimum changes to the code. Just drop in Vaadin Touchkit into your existing Vaadin application and you've added support for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. As easy as that.

Mobile presets

Mobile presets set by the TouchKitServlet make your application behave like a proper mobile application – not just a web-page.

Mobile optimized widgets

Mobile optimized widgets are tuned for a responsive and pleasant user experience by using hardware acceleration where possible.

Offline support, strong caching and local storage

Offline is supported with connectivity detection that enables switching between server-side and client-side modes.

Strong caching is enabled with built in cache manifest linker that boosts startup time and is required for offline.

Use server side API for storing persistent data on mobile devices. Build offline data synchronization and client specific settings with ease.

Latency compensation

Latency compensation is used for navigation to give an immediate response for the user while data is fetched from the server.

Custom themes

The built-in iOS lookalike theme makes your application look native on iPhone and iPad, but you can freely customize the theme with CSS and adapt it to other platforms and style guides.



Mobile optimized components and widgets.

What is your mobile strategy?

With each technology comes it's inherent pros and cons, which you need to weigh in order to find the right solution for you needs.



Distributed through app store. Requires store approval process. Each platform developed separately.

With native:

  • Full access to native API's
  • Top 2D & 3D graphics performance
  • Standalone client
  • Use app-store as sales channel



Support multiple platforms with one app. No installation needed. Access to native API's that are supported by Apache Cordova. Can be used without a network connection also.

With Javascript:

  • Full control over DOM
  • Building separate UI, communications and service layer required
  • Dynamic language

With Vaadin:

  • Development model speeds up project by 50%
  • Added security by keeping logic in the server
  • Java tools

Build for
the enterprise

In addition to these, our customers have built hundreds of successful applications with Vaadin and Vaadin TouchKit. Visit Who Is Using Vaadin page to read more case studies.

PUMA Range Toolbox supports the review of the upcoming collection by allowing merchandisers to vote for products and leave feedback on an individual design or the overall collection.

The new web based planning application improves work efficiency and flexibility throughout the whole process from article selection to analysis of the selected article range.

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The Remote User Monitor Station
(RUMS) is a web portal created to facilitate certain NASA air traffic research experiments by allowing researchers to interact with the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research Platform (UASRP) in the Distributed Simulation Research Lab (DSRL) of the SimLabs group at NASA Ames Research Center.

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