The new and fully customizable In-House Training is out!

Frederik Raulf
On Jun 22, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Improve your skills whenever and from wherever you want.

We are proud to present our new and fully customizable In-House Training. Benefit from a live and Vaadin Expert-led training for up to 16 attendees in a location of your choice.

What is included?

The new In-House Training can be fully customized to your own specific needs. You can freely choose each of the 30+ courses from our current training offering and tailor the training experience to the needs of yourself and your team. The training modules vary in skill level and time. Topics are ranging from basic Vaadin courses over migration courses and CDI courses to PWA based courses to improve the skills of you and your team. All interactive courses contain theory slides, hands-on coding exercises and material handouts.

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Where is the Value?

You and your team will learn directly from the people that have built Vaadin’s  framework, components and tools. No matter if you are kickstarting a new project or you are part of an experienced team, you will profit from the unique advantage of discussing Vaadin details within your own and specific project context directly with the trainer. With the knowledge obtained in the in-house training you’ll get to know how to integrate Vaadin with existing technology stacks and how to boost your productivity.



What does it cost?

The Vaadin In-House trainings have fixed prices per day and team size. Trainer expenses such as traveling, lodging and more are all included in the fixed price. All signups before the end of July will receive an additional 10% release discount.

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Frederik Raulf
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