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Vaadin online training courses and certifications are now free

Johannes Häyry
Johannes Häyry
On Dec 17, 2020 12:49:11 PM
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To end 2020 on a positive note, we are happy to announce a free gift for all Vaadin developers. We are unlocking all our online training courses and certification exams, and making them available for everybody for free. All registered users of our website can now access our previously-paid training material. The current and upcoming video courses are a great addition to the text tutorials available in our Learning Center.

Tens of hours of video courses

To start learning basic or more advanced concepts and techniques in Vaadin, go to the Learning Center and choose your Vaadin version. Vaadin 14 is selected by default. The training courses are available for all LTS versions of Vaadin.

At the time of writing, the following learning tracks (and training videos) are available for Vaadin 14.

Foundation track (Vaadin essentials and best practices):

  • Introduction
  • Layouting
  • Forms and Databinding
  • Data Lists with Grid
  • Router API
  • Theming

Professional track (more advanced Vaadin topics, like i18n).

  • Best Practices with Bakery
  • Internationalization
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Drag and Drop
  • Push
  • Component and Element API 
  • Using templates
  • Responsive Layouting

Migration track (key changes in each LTS version and how to migrate your code to a new version): 

  • Migrate from Vaadin 8
  • Migrate from Vaadin 10

Oher track (how to effectively use Designer, TestBench and the Spring integration):.

  • Designer
  • TestBench
  • Spring Integration

For Vaadin 14, there is a total of almost 13 hours of training videos with handouts and coding exercises. All videos have English subtitles. Similar Foundations and Professional tracks are available for Vaadin 10 and 8 as well.

Become a certified Vaadin professional

Currently, for each LTS version of Vaadin (8, 10 and 14) the Foundations and Professional tracks offer certification. To earn your certification, you need to pass the corresponding online exam. The exam must be completed within a specified time and you need at least 60% (of the maximum points) to pass. Each question in the exam is worth one point. Most questions are multi-select questions and you need to select all correct options to earn the point.

Start learning today

Visit our Learning Center, check out the training courses and start learning. If you are a more-experienced Vaadin developer, you might want to jump right in and find out how you fare in the certification exams. To access the features, all you need to do is to log in to our website.

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