Vaadin JPAContainer 2.0

Sami Kaksonen
On Jan 17, 2012 5:30:00 PM


In a nutshell, Vaadin JPAContainer is a Vaadin Container implementation for binding Vaadin user interface components directly to Java objects persisted using the Java Persistence API. 

Adding support for leading JPA2.0 implementations to Vaadin JPAContainer add-on was one of the most voted feature last year. Feature Votes given by Pro Account users influenced our decision to start working on new version of JPAContainer and once we got started we added other features too. Our focus was in minimizing the effort needed to bind UI components with data model. Check out add-on JPAContainer home page for list of improvements.

Try it out now

Pro Account subscription comes with right to use all commercial add-ons but other Vaadin developers can purchase commercial Vaadin add-on license (CVAL) to start using this component in their commercial development projects. JPAContainer is available as AGPL for non commercial use too. 

JPAContainer 2.0 is available for DOWNLOAD from Vaadin Directory.

Learn more

In case you are new to JPA you should start with JPAContainer tutorial to get an overall picture.

For coders who’s already familiar with JPA and Vaadin might want to check out Matti’s “Rapid Application development with JPAContainer 2.0”-blog instead, posted few weeks ago. 

Last but certainly not least our legendary Book of Vaadin which contains now updated JPAContainer manual

Late adopter discount

Early adopters have been offered discounted price when purchasing commercial license prior final release. However, we decided to give “late adopters” a fair chance to benefit from this offer too. The add-on is still available with 100USD discount until 24th January.

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