Vaadin + IntelliJ IDEA: Demanding Better Software

Breandan Considine
On Jun 3, 2014 1:27:00 PM

When it comes to web application frameworks, there are plenty to choose from, in all shapes and sizes. At JetBrains we’ve worked with a few, and fewer still that come close to Vaadin in terms of documentation, support and usability. Vaadin makes it easy to write rich internet applications in Java by harnessing GWT and giving you the reins. With Vaadin, you can build your entire stack on Java and serve rich, interactive user interfaces from your favorite application server.


IntelliJ IDEA is pleased to support Vaadin, but the truth is, it isn’t a difficult framework to support. Vaadin supports Java. IntelliJ IDEA supports Java. Vaadin supports GWT. IntelliJ IDEA supports GWT. Vaadin supports Jetty, JBoss, Tomcat, et al., and IntelliJ IDEA supports those too. But it doesn’t stop there - in many ways, Vaadin and IntelliJ IDEA think alike, which is probably why they work so well together. It is easy to create and deploy a new Vaadin project in IntelliJ IDEA, you can get started writing your first Vaadin app on the Community Edition.




Once you’re convinced that Vaadin is the right framework for your stack, IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition can help you take the next step, with built-in support for Vaadin, GWT and Javascript. Debugging is a breeze on IntelliJ IDEA. For large applications you can use the Debugger to hotswap new implementations and interact with your code line by line, without having to rebuild the whole application.




If you’re a Vaadin developer looking for a better IDE, IntelliJ IDEA makes an excellent choice. With easy project importing, code assistance, enterprise development tools and support for popular frameworks including Gradle, Grails and GWT, you can’t go wrong with IntelliJ IDEA. If you have an external project you would like to import, IntelliJ IDEA automatically converts your project structure so you can get up and running in an instant.




At JetBrains, we believe that great software comes first. Vaadin is a framework for web applications that mean business, and provides a robust architecture for building and deploying your mission-critical software by following OWASP best practices for security and compliance on the modern web. Vaadin offers best-in-class support for browsers and servers, tools and services, customers and programmers, and large and small businesses alike.



Get started with Vaadin and IntelliJ IDEA today

Breandan Considine
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