Vaadin Incubator: New service to order custom components and add-ons at low cost

Jürgen Treml
Jürgen Treml
On May 4, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Vaadin comes with a comprehensive set of high quality UI components that cover many use cases and requirements. Yet we often see the need for custom components in our customers’ projects, to cover requirements of their particular field, implement novel UI concepts to further improve user experience, or merely to make their product stand out from the crowd.

We know that component development is hard and can greatly benefit from the deep understanding of Vaadin and client-side technologies that many of our own experts possess. We are also aware that many of our customers chose Vaadin just to avoid this type of tedious client-side work, in the first place.

Starting today, we are offering a new service, Vaadin Incubator, tailored to this need and with two clear goals:

  • Provide an easily accessible, cheap way to order tailor-made components
  • Share these components with others and benefit from their components in turn

It is a great way to have our experts in Vaadin and client-side technologies implement your components, let the entire ecosystem benefit from it, and save some money at the same time!

The rules are simple:

  • The planned component/add-on must be reusable and of potential interest to others. Share your idea and we’ll let you know if it qualifies!
  • Estimates and orders are done in fix-size blocks (1-week sprints).
  • The cost per sprint is 3,000 €.
  • We share the IPR, and the end result will be made available to other Vaadin customers, as well.

Vaadin Incubator is offered as a Beta at the moment, but as a Vaadin Prime customer, all the paperwork is already in place, and you can start using the service immediately.

If you have a need for a custom component or add-on, a Javascript library that you would like to integrate with Vaadin, or an idea for a reusable Web Component, click below to get in touch and discuss further steps.

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Jürgen Treml
Jürgen Treml
Jürgen has been developing web applications for over 15 years and using Vaadin since 2012. After ramping up the German office and acting as primary contact point for Vaadin's German-speaking customers, he is now focusing on project management and Vaadin Incubator. Outside work, you might catch him running, scuba diving or as @juergentreml on Twitter.
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