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Marcus Hellberg
Marcus Hellberg
On Jul 23, 2018 6:30:00 AM

Vaadin Designer 3 supports both Vaadin 8 and Vaadin 10

Vaadin Designer is the drag-and-drop visual designer for Vaadin, and we’re happy to announce now that it also supports the latest and greatest Vaadin 10!

Nested template support

With Vaadin 10, you can use nested templates to create more complex designs.

Nested designs with Vaadin Designer

HTML templates and more flexible Java binding

With the new template syntax in Vaadin 10, you can write CSS and JavaScript right into your design files. You can use any Flow component as the companion file. Also, the companion files are no longer overwritten on update.

Editing CSS and JavaScript with Vaadin Designer

Vaadin 8 and 10 support

Designer 3 supports both Vaadin 8 and 10 and will be available as an automatic update to all existing users.

Other features

Available for Eclipse and IntelliJ, Designer among others supports:

Visual layouting of your app and changing the properties of the components in a WYSIWYG fashion Support for all Polymer 2 based components, in addition to all Vaadin out-of-the-box components (including your own components) Testing the app you build in real-time on your tablet, phone or desktop browser, as you’re dragging the components into place Changing the declarative Polymer template based layouting in code (or let your web dev do it for you) Changing the theme on the fly through a CSS split panel view

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Marcus Hellberg
Marcus Hellberg
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