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Vaadin Certification week coming up!

Tanja Repo
On Mar 18, 2015 11:21:00 AM
Vaadin Cert

Good news! If you haven’t certified yourself yet, next week, March 23rd-29th 2015, you’ll have the chance of a lifetime! For the entire week the Vaadin Certification exam can be taken for free (normally $130.)

As a certified developer, you can showcase your know-how in your CV, on in your profile, in the forum and on LinkedIn, but most importantly, you have proof that you have what it takes to be a Vaadin expert.

The certification test is an online test that you can take at home or at work any time during the week.

Get ready.

The best way to prepare for the test is to skim through the Book of Vaadin and have it at hand during the test. The test is divided into a few different sections, namely Basics, Architecture, Server-side application basics, Components, Layout Components, Data model, Themes, Client-side development and Add-ons. In order to pass the exam, you’ll need to get 60% of the questions right.

Take some training.

A good background for the test is having passed the Vaadin Fundamentals training. In case you have not yet participated in a training, there is a 20% discount on all Vaadin Trainings when you sign up this week – this goes for all trainings in the calendar today. This goes for Vaadin Fundamentals, Advanced Vaadin and Extending Vaadin, both onsite and online. The next online training starts on April 6th, so sign up quickly at

Official Certification week.

Sign up for the exam now and take the exam between March 23rd - 29th to show the world your Vaadin skills!

Sign up for Vaadin Certification week


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