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Vaadin 6.0.1 and Vaadin roadmap for 2009H2

Artur Signell
Artur Signell
On Jul 10, 2009 5:01:00 PM

Vaadin 6.0.1, the first maintenance release of Vaadin 6, has now been released and is available for immediate download at! Eclipse plugin users can easily upgrade by going into Project properties -> Vaadin -> Vaadin Version -> Download.

The release contains major improvements for Liferay portal integration support in addition to various small improvements and bugfixes. A detailed list of changes is found in the release notes.

The roadmap for Vaadin for 2009H2 has been published at

The largest new feature in the roadmap is the component directory. It has been a longstanding problem that people developing own components have no easy way to share them with the community. The directory solves this problem by providing a single place where everybody can freely distribute their creations. It will also be easy to download components and include them in own projects using the directory.

Google App Engine support is another big step forward, solving the problem we all face sometimes: How can I make my application available to the world? It is certainly possible to host applications on an own server but using the free Google App Engine removes the hassle with server upkeep and maintenance. It also gives you virtually limitless scalability.

Additionally the roadmap includes a stable version of the Visual (WYSIWYG) editor, performance improvements, drag’n’drop support and more.

Artur Signell
Artur Signell
Artur Signell works as CTO at Vaadin. He earlier lead the Vaadin products team and was responsible for all Vaadin products. Currently he is focusing on technology and research.
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