Vaadin 24 pre-release available for Spring Boot 3.0

Mikael Sukoinen
Mikael Sukoinen
On Nov 29, 2022 6:47:15 PM
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With Spring Boot 3.0 now released, Vaadin Flow users may wonder about compatibility. Don’t worry! Vaadin 24 will be compatible with Spring Boot 3.0 and the pre-release is already available if you’re eager to be on the latest Spring Boot version.

According to Spring, free support for Spring Boot 2.7 is ending in November 2023. In addition, free support for the latest compatible Vaadin Flow version, Vaadin 23, will end in March 2024. However, you can already start planning your migration efforts to Spring Boot 3.0 and Java 17 using the Vaadin 24 pre-release.

Version End of free support
Spring Boot 2.7 November 2023
Vaadin 23* March 2024
*If you’re a Prime or Ultimate subscriber, your Vaadin 23 support will extend to March 2027.

Try Vaadin 24 today

Start a new project

If you want to start a new project, configure and download a fresh Vaadin 24 starter project from Vaadin Start by selecting “Vaadin 24 pre” in the technology settings:

Go to Vaadin Start →

Upgrade an existing project from Vaadin 23 to Vaadin 24

If you want to try out Vaadin 24 on an existing project, please take the following steps to upgrade your application from Vaadin 23 to Vaadin 24. This will ensure that your application will compile, run, behave, and look the way it did in the previous version.

  1. Upgrade your current app first to the latest releases of Vaadin 23 series and latest Spring Boot 2 and get rid of any usage of deprecated APIs. This will make the upgrade to Spring Boot 3 and Vaadin 24 easier. To upgrade from older versions than Vaadin 23, please refer to the Vaadin 14 to 23 Upgrade Instructions.
  2. Make sure your application runs well on Java 17 runtime.
  3. Upgrade Vaadin version in project’s pom.xml, check for the latest Vaadin 24 release in GitHub.
  4. For Spring-based applications: upgrade to Spring-boot 3.0 or Spring framework 6.0 (if not using Spring Boot)
  5. If running with a separate application server, upgrade it to a Jakarta EE 10 compatible version
  6. Convert package names to `jakarta` where you see missing `javax` imports. You probably won’t find those in too many Vaadin UI classes, but there may be some in your backend code.
  7. Upgrade third-party dependencies used in your project, such as maven/gradle plugins, libraries, and frameworks, to the Jakarta and Spring-compatible versions

As always, your feedback is valuable to us. We would appreciate it if you could give Vaadin 24 a try and report any issues you notice. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or drop our team a message on Discord

New to Vaadin? Try it out by starting a new project at!

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