New Vaadin Online Trainings are here

Frederik Raulf
On Feb 27, 2017 12:00:00 AM

We are proud to present over 30 new Vaadin Online Training Courses. Your feedback has encouraged us to change and restructure our online training offering. Starting immediately, you’ll be able to sign up for the new courses.

Over 30 new topics

We have created over 30 new courses with more precise topics so that you can choose your main focus areas. Training topics range from creating your first Vaadin application and Migration trainings to Java EE trainings, Progressive Web Apps trainings, all the way to Best Practices courses. In addition, we will constantly research new areas of interest so that many more topics for our courses will follow.

 Check out the new schedule here

Working schedule friendly attendance

The new course model offers many shorter and more topic specific courses that range from 2-4 hours each. To make the trainings more suitable for our American and European customers, we’ve decided to offer each training in both American and European timezones. Due to the length, you can integrate these courses into your working schedule much easier.

All the courses  can be taken online from the comfort of your own home.


Cost efficient face2face trainings

The new online trainings are offered with a lowered price tag. This allows you to attend more courses that meet your areas of interest and offers you the possibility to constantly improve your knowledge with the help of our experts. 


All previous courses are still available

All previous courses are still offered as before and all trainings (both online and face2face) are held by professional Vaadin developers that work in our R&D and customer services. They consist of hands-on exercises and thus the course size of each training is limited so that the trainer can give you personal feedback.


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