Success story: A turn-key solution

Frederik Raulf
On Apr 24, 2018 7:00:00 AM


We live in a digital age and a world that is not imaginable without the use of apps anymore. We’re using them at home, at work and during our free time to  make our lives easier. Apps with a great look and feel are ubiquitous, which has also increased the end user expectations on apps tremendously. Unfortunately, many brilliant ideas for apps ultimately fail due to a lack of knowledge on how to implement them properly. Lack of technical skills or UX knowledge are common reasons for apps to miss the end user expectations. Luckily for you, our UX team is here to change this.

Vaadin can take over the responsibility of implementing your dream app and act as your solution partner. Whether you need support in multi-vendor projects or need somebody to take over the whole software development effort for your idea, we’re happy to do the job, while reporting directly to you.

One idea that has been implemented by our team is Kemira’s KemConnect, a highly configurable and extensible platform for collecting, viewing, and analyzing customer data from multiple sources in the chemical industry.

When the global chemical company Kemira first approached us, we were given multiple challenges. Previously, many separate databases were used by Kemira and they experienced several challenges with support, low and disparate data resolution, and scalability.

There was a need for an easy to use web platform for collecting, viewing, and analyzing customer data from multiple large data sources.

Our team took over the whole software development and project management, while reporting to Kemira, and delivered a top notch UX and the implementation of a highly customizable UI. Through the close collaboration with Kemira, we’ve been able to develop an app that enables them to provide premium services to their customers in a very efficient and cost-effective data driven environment.

Do you have an idea for an app yourself or would you like to get professional advice? Then don’t hesitate, let’s talk. We’ll easily adapt to your situation with our teams in California, Germany and Finland, so just reach out and tell us more.

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Frederik Raulf
Frederik is a member of Vaadin's Marketing Team, currently working as a Product Marketing Manager. After being in touch with Vaadin's community through his previous Sales position, he is now trying to help improving Vaadin's service offerings. Apart from the job he is passionate about exploring the Finnish nature with his dog, yoga and SUP boarding.
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