New book: Vaadin on Grails

Ondrej Kvasnovsky
On Oct 16, 2014 3:54:00 AM

Vaadin on Grails Vaadin integration with Grails has been out there already for a few years and many companies and individuals have started using it. The developers who are using the plugin, that provides Vaadin integration into Grails, contributed back to the Vaadin plugin and now we are able to do all required operations in order to develop the Vaadin application in Grails. We have implemented Grails commands for SASS and widgetset compilation. and Wwe also added support to do push from the server and many other things.

The book ‘Vaadin on Grails’ has been written to be the complete documentation to support developers, who decide to create applications using both Vaadin and Grails.

The book explains how to start a new project, what the configuration options are and what can be cleaned up to make the application more efficient. The book shows how to use GORM to access a database, as well as alternative ways using MyBatis, Groovy Sql or JdbcTemplate by Spring. It demonstrates how to setup Spring Security, persist user credentials in the database and many other useful tricks.

I hope you like the book and find many useful tutorials in it that really help.


Ondrej Kvasnovsky
Ondrej Kvasnovsky is a software developer living in sunny California and the co-author of Vaadin 7 Cookbook, Vaadin on Grails plugin and book.
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