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Tanja Repo
On Nov 2, 2012 11:32:00 AM

There are many organisations, several amazing cases and diverse projects out there that are using Vaadin. Vaadin is used in over 170 countries worldwide. There are over 100 000 developers from 6 500 cities that use our community portal monthly. We wanted to highlight these various cases so we completely renewed the site to give these success stories an arena that they deserve. 

Take a look at the renewed Who is using Vaadin page and read about some of the cases right here - stories from events, social media and financial solutions, and life science projects.

AR-12 - Haulmont Technology

AR-12 is a comprehensive debt management and enforcement system, designed to manage the client's entire business efficiently and intelligently. In brief, the system manages the legally-approved collection of debts (from parking tickets etc.) by a fleet of field agents that visit the debtors to take payments. AR-12 sorts and automatically evaluates client cases according to history, socio-economic status, location, property, and vehicle data and then calculates the optimal time for an agent to visit the debtor.
Haulmont Technology is a software development consultancy with offices in London, UK and Samara, Russia. With around 80 developers based in Samara, Haulmont creates bespoke enterprise IT systems that offer high scalability and flexibility, based upon CUBA, the company's proprietary Java-based development platform. Read more about CUBA and the guys at Haulmont from a recent interview in our blog entry.

Ariadne - Moleculenix

Ariadne is an application tool for inventory and safety management used by chemical laboratories. Adriane's users are researchers in the fields of chemistry and life sciences. At the moment, the development team at Moleculenix are adding capabilities to enable collaboration between teams of researchers, as well as a fully-featured electronic lab notebook (ELN).

Moleculenix, the company behind Ariadne, is developing next-generation software for managing information in chemistry and life sciences. The focus areas are Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S), Inventory, E-Lab Notebooks, and Collaboration. Moleculenix's industry-leading Inventory, EH&S, and Structure Input products are used by some of the top academic, government and industrial laboratories.

Jupitee - Dinucleus

Jupitee is a technology for generating mobile apps that changes the way companies operate, promote their brand and communicate with their customers. Jupitee suits almost every type of company, with most prominent examples being businesses in the hospitality, entertainment, events and user community fields. Business users can create their app and live-preview it instantly on their mobile.
Dinucleus, who developed Jupitee, is a Greek software house specializing in mobile apps. With more than 20 successful projects delivered in its first two years of operation, Dinucleus have established themselves as one of the top-quality software companies in Greece.


Devoxx, is the largest Java conference in Europe and they use a Vaadin application for displaying the conference schedule on their website. The application uses the Vaadin Calendar add-on and a REST API to access the Devoxx schedule. In addition to just presenting the schedule in a convenient format, users can sign in to store their own schedules.

"When Devoxx published the conference schedule as a REST interface, we decided that it would be a nice way to showcase our Vaadin Calendar add-on and at the same time build a demo application that would actually be useful. The project started out with a simple prototype and after iterating the design with our team and also within Vaadin Team we got a final product that we can be proud of. We're very pleased with both Vaadin the company and Vaadin the framework.", says Stephan Janssen, the Founder & Chairman BeJUG, Devoxx.


SentiOne offers services for Social Media Monitoring and Analysis. It is a powerful tool to track, control and protect as well company brand image and in the ever-growing social media. For example 24/7 SentiOne monitors opinions and comments that appear in social media, microblogs, forums, blogs, and news sites. The monitored statements originate from social media such as Facebook, Google+, and also microblogs such as Twitter, BLIP, in addition diverse internet forums, blogs, information services and product comparison tools. Currently SentiOne monitors over 5 500 000 sites. SentiOne is also the name of the company that has created the SoMe solution. SentiOne of the leading companies in Poland providing tool for social media monitoring and analysis. SentiOne's solution give customers full knowledge about their brand presence in the Internet giving them advantages over their competitors in fields of marketing, customer support and sales. Tool is designed for public relations & brand managers and their teams to manage and analyse brand image on the web.

How are you using Vaadin?

Now that you've seen some of these cases would you like to tell us yours? We are more than happy to hear how you are using Vaadin. Please contact us, tell the  Vaadin team about your amazing Vaadin app.

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