JavaOne 2012 Was Awesome

Tanja Repo
On Oct 10, 2012 7:52:00 AM

Vaadin attended the best Java event of the year, JavaOne 2012, last week in San Francisco, US. This year JavaOne 2012 featured a vast breadth and depth of content - keynotes, presentations and diverse sessions covered everything one can imagine about Java, and a bit more (Java SE, Java EE, Java ME/embedded, web, and JVM). The main keynotes Java Strategy Keynote, IBM Keynote and JavaOne Technical Keynote on Sunday September 30th covered the roadmap and  visions of what will be ahead in the world Java.

Some Buzz at Vaadin booth

Once again the Vaadin wall was set up and Book of Vaadin towers stood tall at our booth booth. Vaadin's simple, white and northern layout appealed many visitors to see our desktop and iPad demos. We made some new friends and met some old ones.

Building iPad Apps in Pure Java with Vaadin

The presentation by Vaadin's Joonas Lehtinen presentation at JavaOne Building iPad Apps in Pure Java with Vaadin was about how to write apps for tablets/smartphones with the Vaadin framework. The main idea is that instead of maintaining a separate client written in Objective-C or JavaScript, you'll write all layers of the app in Java, including the user interface.

Vaadin and GWT Meetup

We managed to have our own Meetup at Serrano Hotel with Ray Cromwell from Google, Mike Brock from Red Hat, George Soler from NASA and of course Joonas from Vaadin. With these experts we were up for a treat. The meetup consisted short presentations and demos on Super dev mode & Elemental in GWT 2.5 , Errai 2.1 and RUMS/NASA demo, plus Client + Server Hybrid Applications with Vaadin. We were amazed the quality of these demos and so were our 35 guests as well.

Activities Around and After expo

Although we were attending the event mainly to maintain the booth and have presentations, we did attend some nightly time events as well - the official and not-so-official ones. Every day it was possible to relax and chill out and enjoy fairly unusual warm weather and drinks at Taylor Street Cafe, just next door to JavaOne event hotel Hilton Union Square. The Oracle Appreciation Event, arranged Wednesday 3rd October in Treasure Island, featuring Pearl Jam and Kings of Leon this year.

What's Next..?

Thank you all who attended our booth, took time to talk to us and saw Joonas's session. We have a lot of upcoming events and Vaadin trainings as well this fall. See you there!

Tanja Repo
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