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Get to Know the Vaadin Teams - Expert Team

Julia Toivonen
Julia Toivonen
On Oct 22, 2018 10:03:00 AM

Vaadin Experts are here for you! Always ready to help you whenever you need it.

They answer your questions on Expert Chat, Support Portal, and forum, fix issues, and offer warranty services. Expert chat is for Prime Customers, and it is a real-time chat service where you can get an answer to all technical issues. Within the Support Portal, customers can create Expert on Demand requests for any Vaadin-related topics, ranging from custom add-ons to hands-on development help, architectural reviews and more. Experts are not only supporting customers but also helping other Vaadiners with their technical questions. But this is not enough for these Experts, they also produce training materials and do training. Internal and external maintenance is also on their task list.

They do small things for the community all the time and help the community in many different ways: daily communication on chat and forum, answering questions, helping with problems and fixing bugs. These things make the community members happy. Training helps customers to use Vaadin more efficiently.

Even though the team feels answering customers’ questions and making customers happy is the coolest thing they know, they also mention other things, such as Vaadin 10 training and add-ons. Creating useful add-ons and offering V10 training already when V10 was in alpha stage, is something the team is really proud of.

One of the recent projects was about recording online training. No matter what time zone, day or situation you are in, you can watch the training whenever you feel like it. If customers come up with some questions during the training, they can always ask on the forum.

The team really enjoys solving problems and challenges. For fun, they do escape rooms. One time the Expert Team visited a famous old prison in Turku called Kakola. Luckily, they managed to escape from there.

Ask a Vaadin Expert, whenever you need it

Julia Toivonen
Julia Toivonen
Julia works as a Communication Manager at Vaadin. She does her job with a big heart and tries her best finding solutions to customers' questions.
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