From the Community: Hello World from Download to Done

Henry Hagnäs
On Jul 8, 2009 10:50:00 AM

Here is the second part of Phil's experiences with Vaadin, where he describes in detail how to get started with Vaadin. Take it away Phil: 

Hello World, I wonder how many times I have followed thru a 'Hello World' example, it's bound to be a lot. Oddly enough I don't remember an Assembler, PL1 or Cobol 'Hello World' but perhaps they exist today.

This naturally started off as a long and lengthy go thru from start to finish, but perhaps too long a read.

In this case I have cheated marginally, so to save myself some hassle I documented my experiences in a long long  document and uploaded the pdf

As a short version... all went well and you dont even have to create a 'Hello World' :-)

Next time I'll get onto something more advanced.