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Get a Free 2-Day Workshop with Vaadin Team Augmentation Services

Alexandru Chiuariu
On Oct 23, 2019 3:25:00 PM

Free Workshop with All Vaadin Team Augmentation Services

Augmenting your team with Vaadin Experts is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure that there are no skill gaps, and that productivity is at its peak in 2020 and beyond. On top of that, if you decide to flexibly expand your team to maintain your software development project within budget and scope by the end of this year, we’ll provide a free 2-day on-site workshop to ensure that your team has the attributes of a world-class software development team. Read on to find out more about Vaadin’s team augmentation services, who this offer is for and what the workshop contains!

What Staff Augmentation Services Does Vaadin Offer?

While Expert Chat is a default Support feature for both Vaadin Prime and Enterprise subscriptions, there are additional ways Vaadin can support your business web app development project. The staff augmentation services include Expert on Demand and Mentor.

Expert on Demand puts your team in direct contact with a Vaadin Expert who can vary based on your team’s competence needs and project lifecycle stage. When accessing this service, your company receives a bulk set of support hours and any raised tickets are resolved within a commonly agreed timeframe. Current packages include 5, 10 or 20 hours and pricing starts from €65 or $75 per hour. Using excess hours is possible, but these are billed monthly.

Mentor includes a fixed Senior Vaadin Expert who will become familiar with your business web application, thus removing the need to reintroduce the context periodically. The Mentor can teach your team the best practices of developing business web apps with Vaadin. In addition to that, the Mentor acts as a contact person for any Vaadin-related issues. Unlike for the Expert on Demand service, Mentor doesn’t come with hour bookkeeping. Moreover, you can reach out to your Mentor using the communication channels that are the most convenient for your team.

Any of these services can lead to improvements in the quality of your business web app and make it more user-centric. In addition, our Vaadin Experts can advise on the most suitable architecture and the best development practices and tools.

What Is Included in the Free 2-Day Workshop?

During the two days of the workshop, a Vaadin expert will assist your team with:

  • Project kickstart
  • Proof of concept
  • Prototype building
  • Architecture review

In addition, the Vaadin expert can provide hands-on help for your business web app development project or can organize a Q&A session. All of these play an essential role in setting up a solid foundation for your business web app.

How Can You Get This Offer?

Our staff augmentation services are an exclusive option for Vaadin Prime or Enterprise subscribers. Whether you are already subscribed to one of these plans or are planning to, get in touch with us to see which team augmentation package would best suit your company’s needs.

Ready to boost your team’s productivity? Act fast to benefit from the free 2-day workshop!

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