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Free Vaadin Certification and Training webinar in two weeks

Tanja Repo
On Apr 13, 2016 5:18:00 AM

Are you a Vaadin Certified Developer? If your answer is no, now you’ll have the chance to get certified for free. Between April 25th and May 1st we’re hosting a free certification week again, combined with a webinar with content from the first commercial Vaadin Training.

Not only will your CV look better, you’ll also get a fancy badge on the forum and another one to add to your LinkedIn profile, but most importantly, having the Vaadin certification you can comfortably say that you know your Vaadin..

In practice the certification test is an online multiple choice-test that you can take from the comfort of your home and office, as long as you reserve 30 minutes for yourself.

Webinar on Vaadin Trainings

To prepare yourself for the certification, you can always take a look at Vaadin Docs and the new Tutorial in particular. The menu on the left gives you a good overview of what to expect and then you can dive into the different sections to check your knowledge.

But wait! There’s something even better! We’ll also be hosting a webinar where we’ll teach you how to get started, hands-on just like at our official Vaadin Trainings. This webinar is hosted during the certification week on April 28th at 2PM CEST. The webinar’s name “Vaadin Training sneak peek” doesn’t do justice to what you’ll get – so if you’d like to get a kickstart to Vaadin, join and sign up to the webinar.

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In order to get to know about the specifics of the certification week when it starts, leave your info in the form below:
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