Free support for Vaadin 14 is ending. What’s next?

Lilli Salo
Lilli Salo
On May 13, 2024 2:15:40 PM
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After five years of free support, Vaadin 14 will reach its end of life on August 14th, 2024. While applications developed with the unsupported framework will keep running, security updates, compatibility patches, and other bug fixes will no longer be available for the underlying platform.

We recommend all projects upgrade to the latest version, Vaadin 24. If you need more time to upgrade, you can purchase Extended Maintenance for your Vaadin 14 application.

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Why Upgrade to Vaadin 24? 

Vaadin 24 delivers a significant step forward for Vaadin Flow users. Its new technology baseline includes Java 17, Spring Boot 3, and Jakarta EE 10, ensuring you can continue building Vaadin Flow apps using the latest Java technologies. 

In addition, Vaadin 24 brings additional features that aim to enhance the efficiency, ease of use, and flexibility in developing applications, such as;

  • Faster build times: A new pre-compiled front-end bundle significantly improves build and start-up times. This eliminates the need for front-end installation or compilation and dependencies on Node.js, npm/pnpm, and the Vite development server.
  • Faster memory cleanup in runtime: Vaadin Flow 24.1 introduced a memory-saving enhancement that efficiently removes UI instances from the server memory once a tab is closed or a page is refreshed. Learn more ->
  • Component styling enhancements: Vaadin 24 introduces a more straightforward approach to UI styling, featuring full support for the ::part() selector. This allows for the use of regular, non-Shadow-DOM CSS, enabling easier and more flexible styling of UI components. Key improvements include the elimination of complex selectors like :host(), ::slotted(), and [part=""], and the ability to structure stylesheets without dividing them per component. Learn more →
  • DX improvements: Vaadin 24 features significant Quality-of-Life improvements guided by community feedback. These include enhanced control over query and route parameters, the ability to redirect users to a custom page when access is denied, and a new default I18NProvider. Additionally, it strengthens the pre-compiled bundle feature, making it more comprehensive for various use cases. With Vaadin 24, you can also benefit from the new navigation access control feature, which provides finer control over user access to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive pages and resources. Learn more ->
  • Vaadin Copilot (Vaadin 24.4 pre-release): Vaadin Copilot is an innovative tool designed to revolutionize the way developers work on Vaadin-based projects. With its advanced visual editing tools, AI-powered features, and seamless integration with your IDE, Copilot makes UI development faster, smarter, and more intuitive. Vaadin Copilot is currently available for views made with Hilla/React. Stay tuned for Flow/Java support. Read documentation →
  • Unified platform with Flow and Hilla: Vaadin 24.4 unifies Vaadin's frameworks so that you can seamlessly combine Java-only views based on Flow with React views based on Hilla. This gives flexibility to use the most appropriate framework for each view or component and makes it easier to utilize existing React expertise and components.

What to do if you’re still on Vaadin 14

We always recommend all users upgrade to stay current with the latest Vaadin version for enhanced features and support.

Recommended upgrade path

Many of the breaking changes in Vaadin 24 are necessary due to fundamental shifts in the Java platform and major dependencies on which Vaadin relies. To ensure a smoother transition, we recommend initially upgrading to Vaadin 23. However, it's important to note that free support for Vaadin 23 is also ending. While this intermediate step enables your team to adjust to the changes gradually, you might want to reconsider proceeding to production with Vaadin 23 since it will no longer receive free security updates.

For detailed instructions on upgrading your application from Vaadin 14 to Vaadin 23, ensuring it compiles, runs, behaves, and looks as it did previously, please refer to our upgrade documentation.

Once you have successfully migrated to Vaadin 23, the next step is to upgrade to Vaadin 24. Although Vaadin 24 doesn’t fundamentally change how applications are developed and behave, the upgrade process still requires a few essential preparations and testing. For detailed instructions, check out our Vaadin 24 upgrade guide.

However, if you are not ready to upgrade to Vaadin 24 just yet and require more time, you may opt to purchase Extended Maintenance for Vaadin 14. This option helps keep your applications running securely and reliably for a longer period.

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The way forward

We have guided many companies from older Vaadin versions or other technologies to the latest Vaadin version. If you’re still unsure about the best course of action, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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