Custom Component Development and How to Make Web Apps Unique

Alexandru Chiuariu
On Nov 27, 2018 1:13:00 PM

Vaadin Custom Component Development Custom components for business web apps are a simple yet effective way of standing out from the competitors. That is the case whether they are built from scratch, themed to match your business’ brand guidelines and style guides, or if they’re based on an existing component with added functionality. Our Custom Component Development service has been created to answer all these different needs. Read on to find out more about the approaches we take!

What Does Custom Component Development Involve?

The way we develop custom components depends very much on what makes sense for your business. Small adjustments to components, themes and apps aren’t very time-consuming, so on-demand development hours represent the most suitable way to handle them. A delivery agreement is a more traditional, sprint-based approach that’s perfect for building more complex custom components from the ground up. If the budget is a sensitive matter but your company could still use one or more custom components, the Vaadin Incubator might be just the time-saving solution you’ve been looking for.   

How Can Your Business Benefit from Custom Components?   

Both B2B and B2C web apps featuring custom components can provide a unique experience to the end-users. That can be achieved either by personalizing their look and feel to match the whole or by adding new functionality. All in all, custom components can help your app’s users do things faster and in a more pleasant way.        

Who Develops the Custom Components?

At Vaadin, Custom Component Development is handled by the Services team, a group of experts specialized in building new components and in adding new functionality to old ones. To get an idea of their vast experience in this area, check out Vaadin Directory.    

How Much Will It Cost You?

Again, this depends on the delivery method, as they all differ in duration. On-demand development can take from several hours to a few weeks, while custom components created in the incubator, or as a result of a delivery agreement, require from a few weeks to a few months. There are also differences in the IPR (intellectual property rights) retainment between Vaadin Directory components and the other approaches.   

Want to learn more about this topic?  

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