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Pekka Perälä
Pekka Perälä
On Feb 5, 2019 6:00:00 AM
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To help developers accelerate their adoption of the latest Vaadin technology, we have decided to make a part of our training videos available to all community members for free. The free offering contains all beginner level courses for both Vaadin 8 and 10+ and is available in training videos.

After completing the free training videos, you should have everything you need to start developing your first Vaadin application with the version of your choice. They also serve as a good starting point for experienced Vaadin users, who have not yet tried the new capabilities of the more recent versions of the platform.

All training videos are neatly organized, so you can filter them depending on the Vaadin version that they address, the topics and your current skill level. As soon as you’ve finished watching the free training videos, some of the topics that you will master include:

  • Routing and navigation in Vaadin 10
  • Theming your application with the new Vaadin platform
  • Binding data to components to build create-use-update-delete (CRUD) views with various degrees of complexity

Once you have got the basics covered, you can continue to advanced topics, such as Spring integration, migration from a legacy version of Vaadin, and responsive design.

Advanced courses are available to paid subscription tiers starting from Pro. We are regularly publishing more content, such as:

  • Vaadin 10+: Creating Web components with Polymer
  • Vaadin 8: Vaadin & Spring 1: Getting started with Vaadin Spring
  • Vaadin 8: Application lifecycle among many others

In addition to all of the above, Prime customers also have access to live training sessions. These are complemented by live Q&A sessions on course topics with Vaadin experts for those self-learners who still have some unanswered questions after watching the video trainings. Following the live Q&A sessions, you will have the ground covered on topics such as router API and layouting, or using templates & creating custom elements.

The Vaadin team hopes you will find our free training videos useful for moving forward quickly with the latest Vaadin technology! Let us know in the comments section below, what type of amazing UIs you would like to create for your users and we’ll guide you into the direction of the most relevant training video for that!

To be in the know about our upcoming sessions, check out the calendar here. If you would like to be up-to-date with our offering of trainings for Prime customers, check our on-demand videos section.

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Pekka Perälä
Pekka Perälä
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